A summary of the latest Covid-19 research

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Pfizer and Moderna vaccine effectiveness drops to 66% against delta

Repeated studies reveal Covid antibodies in the breastmilk of people who have been vaccinated

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The case highlights the best way to prevent transmission in schools: vaccination, masking, testing, and ventilation

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Straight talk on third shots

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Findings from a new study don’t bode well for the coming school year, and this research predates the worrisome Delta variant

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The CDC’s partial-reversal on mask-wearing is long overdue, but the damage is done

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  • Those living in a county with rates of substantial or high Covid-19 transmission, which is at least 50 cases per 100,000 people over the previous week. …

Fully vaccinated people aren’t likely to get super sick from delta, but they can probably get mildly sick and pass it on to others

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The hard-to-capture research is in: children’s birthdays were linked to higher infection rates in counties that already had more cases

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Only about half of people who have had an organ transplant responded to two doses of the mRNA Covid vaccine, but the numbers went up after a third dose.

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Even before someone is fully vaccinated against Covid, their likelihood of passing the virus on is far lower

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Tara Haelle

Tara Haelle is a science journalist, public speaker, and author of Vaccination Investigation and The Informed Parent. Follow her at @tarahaelle.

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